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Quilt Story

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I just completed a labour of love for a dear friend.

I love the process of collaboration and designing with someone special in mind.

The brief was simple and inspiring:

"Please make me a quilt in my favourite colour to throw over my couch and bed and if possible please incorporate my hand embroidered Indian Kantha quilt".

Searching through my archive fabrics and making a selection

I create new fabric by patching together smaller textiles l have designed and collected over the years.

I love creating from my remnant fabrics, it means nothing goes to waste, and it then becomes a piece that has a history and tells a story.

Part of my design philosophy is to create multi functional pieces that can be worn or used in different ways.

The Kantha quilt becomes the base that l work upon, adding my patchwork to the wrong side, making the quilt reversible.

Finished quilt complete with cushions...l had some left over patches so l couldn't  stop myself!


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